spanish saddle

You want to upgrade your horse with a spanish saddle, bridle, baroque bridle, breastplate?

No problem!

If you already own a Menorquin, P.R.E. or Andalusian and fancy getting the classic equipment, contact me.

It´s often hard to get nice spanish horse equipment, outside of Spain and even harder, to get it in good quality.

This is why I´m working with saddlers who are not only handcrafting typical spanish saddles, bridles, breastplates and saddlebags, but also the traditional menorcan adornments.

Just share your ideas with me and it will be customized and handcrafted, supporting a lovely tradition and almost vanished craft.

Maybe you have a different idea than a spanish saddle, even your own creation or a draft you want to have created. The saddlers are also happy to make one offs!

Of course I have several pictures of designs and models, as well as of spanish saddles, but also bridles, breastplates, reins, long reins and one offs.