There are several ways you can contact me:

You can reach me by phone and WhatsApp at: +34 610 474 011

Please send your emails to:

You can find my Facebook page under the following link: Facebook Spanish Horse Boutique and if you are more of a friend of the imagery, network with me on Instagram 😉 If you like, you can also reach me in FB Messenger or via DM on Insta.

If I am in an appointment and do not react immediately, it is best to write me a Whatsapp. Regardless of the form in which I see your attempt to contact me, I will definitely get back to you.

It is important to me that you always have my full attention, so I am not a fan of simply writing short messages in between. So please don’t be surprised if it sometimes takes a few hours, but you will get your answer – I promise!

If you’d rather be contacted by me, please leave me your details in the contact form.

The Menorquin, Andalusians, P.R.E. and me, are looking forward to you, yours

Lizz Handschmann