Meet Lizz

As we are all well educated, first of all, I´ll introduce myself: Meet Lizz
My name is Lizz Handschmann, I´m Austrian and living in Spain since 2012. After 7 years on Mallorca, in 2019 I moved to Menorca, where my heart felt at home for since a very long time.

I´m crazy for Menorquin and since my first contact with them, my heart beats black! Due to a tragic accident, I´ve lost my soul horse and searched for a horse, to touch my heart again. So I immersed deeper and deeper into the world of these black beauties, to find „my“ Mr. Right.

There were several that shared phases of my life, but at some point, I was missing something and found them loving homes. This is how it all started….
The ladies buying my horses were happy with the horses and how I treated them, so they started recommending me. And step by step I slid into intermediating horses.

The Spanish Horse Boutique exists since 2016 and intermediating horses is my only job. Before becoming a professional, I was already working close with the breeding association, which makes me very happy and proud. Together we managed to make the breed better known outside of Spain.

Since Carina Maiwald started as a photographer, I´m accompanying her. So I´m very happy I was able to convince her of the Menorquin too, which led to several successful projects together, like photoworkshops on Menorca. For further details of her work and Menorcatrips, check out
The pictures on my page are shot by her. Big thanks to you, Carina!!

After some time, P.R.E. and Andalusians came into my portfolio, so I´m in the lucky position to offer you very different horses.

In the meantime, I had found my horse. I felt butterflies in my tummy, everytime I saw him and he conjured a smile into my face, everytime he neighed when I´ve entered the stable. And it´s about THAT FEELING. I want you to get that feeling.
This is why I put a lot of energy and love into my work, because I love to see when people´s eyes start shining, the moment they have found „their horse“. And I´m always grateful to know, I was witnessing the start of a soulpartnership.

Unfortunately, in April 2019 I´ve lost my horsey companion again. A pain that will accompany me for a long time, but also my drive. I know how much strength the right horse at your side can give you. This is exactly where I take my energy from, to find the right human-horse-team and enrinchen the life of horse & human.

That´s enough of me! Let´s start the journey of finding your horse


Meet Lizz