From my point of view, it´s always important to support our horse with the right minerals.

But it´s especially helpful to help spanish horses in their new surroundings with change of diet and climate.

And nooo, I´m not talking about loads of extra costs. But more details about that after a detailled chat, when I know exactly, which type your horse is.

If we put ourselves into our horses place when being imported, we realize right away, WHAT is exactly new to us. Not only the stable and you as the new caregiver. The hay tastes different, the air smells different, the water tastes different and maybe also the rest of the food. All these are little everyday life adventures and it helps to support the organism from the inside.

In my opinion, when selecting the right mineral food, it´s not only important that the horses like the taste of the products, but also that they are as natural as possible, ideally sugar- and grainfree.

This is why I´m very happy with the products of Natural Horse Care for years already!

You can order your products with me, directly to your home and of course with some discount, so I can support your project of a healthy dreamhorse.

I´m happy to advise you chosing the right minerals. Normally I order the mineral food directly to your adress, before your horse starts it´s trip home. Like this you have everything at hand at the arrival and can concentrate on the most important thing: your JOY!

You can also order the Natural Horse Care products, when the right horse is already at your barn. And as many horsepeople, like me, are accompanied by dogs, you can also find the right mineral food for your furry little puppets.