On this page, I´ll give you some facts about the procedure. But please note that I always adapt to your needs and ideas, as far as they are feasible.

I´m always listing new spanish horses into my portfolio. So if you share your idea of your perfect horse with me, I´m happy to go on the search or maybe you´ve already discovered it on my page.

No matter if Menorquin, Andalusian or P.R.E., just tell me how your dream horse should be!

When one horse made it onto your short-list, I´m happy to organize a vet check, castration of the stallion of wished, paperwork of the breeding association, further training and whatever further horsey wish you might have.

I´m especially happy to organize your trip and stay, in case you want to personally get to know the horse and me. It´s important to me, that you spend enough time with every horse canidate and also try the handling. Of course I´ll be at your side all the time and always try for you to catch a bit of the flair of the islands. Not only the horses on the Balearics are beautiful….

As most of the horses I sell, are located in Spain, I also take care of organizing the transport. I work with the most horsefriendly transport companies. Some might say, they´re not the cheapest on the market, but believe me, those few Euros are worth for your horse to travel safe and arrive sound.

More and more people are inquiring single VIP transports and of course I can organize those too. If possible, I might even bring you the horse myself!

For all the paperwork needed, you´ve got me, so your part is being happy about your new horse!

In case your horse has to pass customs, I´m also happy to prepare the necessary papers!