Menorquin (P.R.Me.)

What is a Menorquin (P.R.Me.)?

The Menorquin (P.R.Me. Pura Raza Menorquina) is one of the breeds with the strongest nerves and convincing with it´s grace, all packed in a shiny black fur.

As their name suggests, these black beauties are bred on the Balearic island Menorca. They are endagered of extinction, which makes them very exclusives. It´s really an honour being accompanied by such a special horse.

There origins lie in crossbreeding P.R.E x Lusitano x Arabian x Berber. Therefore the Menorquin is far more robust, tougher, more persistent, braver and more versatile than the more famous spanish horse.


In the bot, they walk many meters on their hindlegs through the crowd, without any fear and always prudent. At the fiestas, like San Joan, they walk through thousands of people and it´s a test of courage for the people to stand underneath them and touch their bellies.

If you´re on the search for black beauty who always sticks to you, no matter what, while it´s beauty catches the breath of everyone, the Menorquin is just the right horse for you.

Menorquin attach very much to their person and are very loyal, even though they test their position every now and then, but always in a playful, funny way.

Their brave character comes to shine when going for a hack, because you can enjoy the ride and don´t have to be alert, because a spooky ghost might scare your horsey. Their handling is so easy and calm, that their calmness projects on their person.

Being a robust breed, used to hay, grown in the rough climate of Menorca, they won´t have any trouble adapting to their new home – your home!

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