Spanish Horse Boutique

Cheers at the Spanish Horse Boutique!
Your dream is sharing your life with a Menorquin, Andalusian or P.R.E.?
I´m happy to go on the journey together, of finding the perfect horse for you!
Spanish Horses are said to be the horses of emperiors and kings. Why want something less for you?

You can contact me on Whatsapp +34 610 474 011 or

On this site you will find information about my way of mediating horses of the „Spanish Horse Boutique“, a portrait of the breed that stole my heart „Menorquin“, but also about Spanish Horses.

To me it´s very important, that all the horses I take into my portfolio are clear in the head, well treated and the owners nice. Your horse shall be a dream come true, not a bloody nightmare 😉

My priority is always the same: YOU and the horse of your dreams. With passion, full commitment and the maximum service, I´ll find your unicorn.

If you´re interested about me, you can find all the details here. Not only the horses are important, but also the person treating with you, to give you the right feeling.
Of course, you´ll also find infos about the procedure, transport, original accessories like saddles and bridles, minerals and much more!

In case you don´t fancy reading, no worries! We can have a chat on the phone or via whatsapp, if that´s more comfy for you.

Let´s start the journey of finding your right horse, so you can spend the rest of your lifes together!

I´m ready and the horseys are longing their forever homes.

Looking forward to being your partner on the mission dream horse

-Lizz Handschmann


Legal notice:
Spanish Horse Boutique offers the details of these horses in good faith. The information is provided by the owner or authorized representative and therefore Spanish Horse Boutique cannot guarantee its accuracy. The agent is not responsible for any errors and assumes no liability or guarantee. The photos of Carina Maiwald were provided by her. The image rights of the photos are with her and the distribution of the photos without her express written consent is not permitted.
Thank you for your comprehension.