Andalusian and PRE

You want to buy an Andalusian?

Spanish horses are often known as Andalusian or P.R.E., Pura Raza Española. An Andalusian is any iberian horse and therefore not always purebred. The P.R.E. or Pura Raza Española is the purebred spanish horse, with pedigree and papers of the breeding association ANCCE.

An Andalusian might be a purebred spanish horse, therefore a P.R.E., but if the offical papers of the ANCCE weren´t issued, it remains being an Andalusian.

You always asked yourself, what´s the difference between an Andalusian and P.R.E.? Well, I hope my explanation answered your question.

Some traits they have in common though: their elegance, their charme, their connection to humans and their lust for life! Originally they were „small“ and baroque, but nowadays different lines exist, up to high level dressage. A candidate for all tastes!

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In every age, coat colour and level of training. I´m not only having an eye of the quality of the horse itself, but also the correct raising and the horsefriendly treatment by the owner and trainer!

You couldn´t find your dream partner in my portfolio? That´s no problem, but a nice task for me to go on the search!

You fancy spanish horses, but miss the little extra and are crazy or black? A Menorquin might be just the horse you´re looking for!

Well, Andalusier, P.R.E. and Menorquin, ok!

But who´s actually behind the Spanish Horse Boutique? Find out more about me and who´s actually talking to you. I hope to get to know you in a chat or even at the visit of a horse. Tell me the traits you expect of your future horse and leave it with me.

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